Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering provides a cost-effective solution to inappropriate internet use, which can substantially raise operating cost.

Managed Web Content Filtering Solutions

eScope’s Managed Web Content Filtering protects organizations and employees who use the internet from a growing number of threats. eScope’s managed service improves employee productivity, enhances security, reduces legal liability, and optimizes the use of IT resources. Managed Web Content Filtering integrates seamlessly with leading network infrastructure products and offers unequaled flexibility and control.


  • Manage employee internet access
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce the risk of security breaches
  • Mitigate the risks of legal liability as a result of employee internet activity
  • Optimize the use of IT resources, including bandwidth and desktop resources
  • Enforce internet and application use policies

eScope’s Managed Web Content Filtering offers the only solution that uniquely filters at multiple points - on the network, gateway and desktop - to provide complete protection against emerging threats. This managed service allows organizations to easily assess risk areas, identify problem users, manage user and group privileges and enforce corporate policies for appropriate use of the internet and other computing resources.

With its customizable internet filtering options, eScope allows management of internet use that adapts to your corporate environment. Whether you elect to define use by user, group, workstation or network, and block, limit or defer access, can meet all of your specific needs.

Enterprise Premium Groups

Additional website categories available through eScope’s Managed Web Content Filtering provide a higher level of protection from web-based threats:

Blocks access to sites associated with spyware, phishing, and malicious mobile code.

Manages access to advertisements, message boards, freeware/software downloads, online brokerage and trading, instant messaging, and pay-to- surf sites.

Manages access to bandwidth intensive sites, including streaming media, internet radio and TV, personal network storage/backup, internet telephony, and peer-to- peer file sharing.

eScope’s Managed Web Content Filtering allow you to mitigate security, productivity, and bandwidth issues for your organization, specifically:

  • Block spyware transmissions to their host sites, preventing outflow of sensitive data
  • Minimize the risk of MMC attacks in the workplace, including web-borne viruses, Trojan horses, worms, script attacks, and rogue internet code
  • Block distracting banner advertisements
  • Increase productivity by managing access to unauthorized instant messaging websites
  • Eliminate legal risks and limit bandwidth drains by managing access to peer-to-peer file sharing sites


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